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I, Terry Merritt, am a British Artist, who was born in Dorking, Surrey, and now live in Chichester in England. My carpenter grandad, who I loved dearly, inspired me a lot. I remember studying woodwork at secondary school, making some furniture. I also remember how enjoyable technical drawing was at school.

Diversity in my art works showed itself as an amateur cartoonist in my teenage years, which later developed towards portraiture and figurative art. Then I became an engineer and worked with various materials by designing and producing press tools and mould tools in 3 dimensional forms.

I had unbelievable energy in my youth. I started to burn my energy with sport as well. I achieved Kickboxing 4th. Degree Black Belt and run my own club successfully by producing many Blackbelts and Champions.

I achieved in any discipline because I loved whatever I did and I am a perfectionist, but my desire in art increased immensely in my senior years. I realised that there was an unlived life within me, which doing artworks fulfilled.  As I am overly critical of my own works, I decided to study ‘Fine Art with Sculpture’ at University of Chichester and achieved my BA Hons Diploma. 

I proudly say now that I am a professional sculptor who creates artworks with technical skill because of my engineering background. It did not take long for me to realise that I am naturally drawn towards creating figurative artwork, because I always enjoy drawing and never stopped engaging with life drawing. I am inspired by the natural beauty of human anatomy, human gestures, and movement. I see the human body in all shapes and sizes as a work of art. In my creative process, I explore the human body combining curves, lines, and negative voids in the form of abstraction, semi realism and sensual abstraction, some of which rotate on their bases. I enjoy experimenting different themes, medium and styles, although my main priority is stone and wood carving. I also enjoy creating figurative wire drawings. 

All my sculptures encourage the viewers to stop, look, touch, and interact with. 

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